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Since 1878, the American Cotswold Record Association (ACRA) has been America's official registry and certifier of the Cotswold breed of sheep, protecting consumers and producers of pure pedigreed Cotswold sheep---the easy-keeping "gentle white giants" of the luster longwool sheep breeds.

Insist on ACRA-certification for purity of bloodlines in Cotswold sheep breeding stock, and for reliably delicious Cotswold gourmet lamb and mutton, and for elegant but sturdy high-luster Cotswold longwool.

  • ACRA bloodlines are approved by every Cotswold sheep registry in the world.

  • ACRA is the registry that can supply 5-generation pedigrees on all sheep in its rolls.

  • ACRA was formed by U.S., British and Canadian flocks of unquestioned heritage.

  • ACRA founded the first and only registry for the Black Cotswold breed of sheep.

Take part in our rare-breed conservation efforts:  Enjoy the fruits of ACRA's 130+ years of unrelaxed standards of excellence.

Insist on genuine ACRA Cotswold products, whether breeding stock, meat or wool.

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