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(Background of this page is an actual photo of super-lustrous Cotswold fleece)


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For gourmet meat, luxury wool, breeding stock (or other Cotswold sheep products & services) contact the ACRA owners listed below.  Many owners listed here have genuine ACRA-registered Cotswold sheep for sale at attractive prices.

ACRA Members:  ADD TO or DELETE your listing, please e-mail:


ACRA Members by State:



Lensey & Alisun Watson (Youth)
Bentonville, AR

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Brad Nicholson
Northwest Park
Windsor, CT
(860) 285-1886

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Tyler Deal (Youth)
Danvers, IL
(309) 963-4206
Mitchel B. Mohr
Carlock, IL
(309) 376-6647
Robert Eade
Kari Hake (Youth)
Eade Sheep Farm
Addieville, IL
(618) 243-6267
Alex Pullen (Youth)
Princeville, IL
George & Nieta Fewkes
Albion, IL
(618) 446-5363

Morril & Leah Sanford (Youth)
Waterloo, IL
(618) 458-4545

Robert Heggemeier
Nashville, IL
(618) 327-3709
Montana Thomason (Youth)
Bone Gap, IL
(618) 446-3128
Chris Meyer
Arenzville, IL
(217) 997-5994
Grace Thomason (Youth)
Bone Gap, IL
(618) 446-3126

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Charlotte Wolfe
Prairie Winds Farm
Lakeville, IN
(574) 291-9943

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Heather Baylis
Victoria Ware (Youth)
Baylis Farm
293 Skyline Trail
Chester, MA  01011
(413) 623-0136
Vicki & Bob Rigel
Orion Acres
Plympton, MA
(781) 585-2026
Smith Agricultural High School
c/o Sara Gauthiers
Northhampton, MA
Linda & Fred Schauwecker
Orion Acres
Plympton, MA
(781) 585-1639
Ella Rose Markowitz
Meshugana Acres
Windsor, MA 01270
(413) 684-1377
Alexandria Springstube (Youth) 
W. Stockbridge, MA
(413) 232-7038
Lisa Petricca
River Valley Farm
Lenox, MA
(413) 637-0278

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Georgianna Corbett-MacNeil
Lauren and Jaime Corbett (youth)
Fleur-de-Lis Farm
Farmington, Maine
(207) 778-2289

Laurel McKay
Circle F Farm
Charlston, ME
(207) 285-7576
Christine Lockyer
Longfield Farm
Woolrich, ME
Dawn Robinson
Winterpast Farm
225 Allen Road
Hebron, ME  04238-3208
(207) 333-9835

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Donald & Sandra Richards
Richards Family Farm
Clark Lake, MI
(517) 784-1553

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Sheila Everman
Smithville, MO
(816) 532-3794
Horace & Ginny Gunter
Rock'N G Acres
1755 SW 214th Street
Plattsburg, MO  64477
Sheryl Magee
Stewartsville, MO
(816) 669-3601

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North Carolina

Jim Elam
Caora Hill Farm
Fairview, NC
(828) 628-1068

Robert L. Wallace
Charlotte, NC
(704) 941-0268

Kathy Garmon
Lincolnton, NC
(704) 736-4151

Therese & Basil Watson
High County Cotswolds
Fleetwood, NC

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New Hampshire

Derrick Moyer
Tulip Tree Farm
Hampstead, NH  03841

Aleia Wozmak
Bennington, NH  03942

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New Jersey

William A. Reynolds
Ringoes, New Jersey
(908) 735-9332

Rogers Family
Harmony Valley Farm
136 Beaver Run Rd.
Lafayette, NJ  07848
(973) 600-1066

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New York

Angelyn Brown (Youth)
Alden, NY
(716) 937-9050

Janet Jaworski
Apple Blossom Acres
LaFayette, NY
(315) 677-7752

Sally Kennedy
Utopia Farm
Canastrota, NY
Rebecca Carson
389 Burton Street
Greenwich, NY 12887
(518) 692-7943
Andrea Castle
Madrid, NY
(315) 522-5663
Linda Miller (Youth)
Rainbow Acre Fiber Farm
Baldwinsville, NY
Max & Chris Crossman
Whitehall, NY
(518) 499-0767
Robin and Andy Nistock
Nistock Farms, 10137 Mattoon Rd., Prattsburgh, NY  14873
(607) 522-4374
Christian Degener (Youth)
Locks Farm
Valley Falls, NY  
William Oliver
Ballston, NY
Bonnie Farrell
Cambridge, NY  
Karen Stern
Windsong Farm
Burdett, NY
Jim & Judy Fraley
Fraley Acres
Ogdensbug, NY
(315) 393-7637
The Locust on Hudson
Attn:  David Cassford
Staatsburg, NY
(845) 889-8918
Heavenly Valley Farm
Attn:  Jeffrey Schenk
296 Elton Rd.
Delevan, NY 14042

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Robert W. Orr, Jr.
Prairie Fork Farm
6630 Doverspike Road
Adamsville, OH 43802-9751
(740) 796-6495

Vickie Wagner
Blanchester, OH
Ginette Rostedt
Uniontown, OH
(330) 699-4035

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Mandy Blair (Youth)
Coweta, OK
(918) 486-2214

Franklin & Shirley Butler
BFS Farms
Chouteau, OK
Rhonda Blair
Boynton, OK
(918) 277-7704
Daryn & Kaylee Herriman (Youth)
Porter, OK
Arienna Brouse
Claremore, OK
(918) 341-2667

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Bobbi Harrold
Creswell Cotswolds
Creswell, OR
(541) 895-3613

Marianne Reimers
Gaston, OR
Max & Cindy Harrold
Creswell Cotswolds
Creswell, OR
(541) 895-3613

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Margaret Lauver
Farm in the Hollow
Mifflinburg, PA
(570) 966-3464

Vernon Sweigart
Roaring Springs, PA
Megan Petry
Flutter By Farm
Lebanon, PA
(717) 270-0848
Stuart & Cindy Wigney
Edinboro, PA
(814) 734-3885

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South Carolina

Brattonsville Historic Farm
McConnells, SC
(803) 684-2327

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Doug Hubbard
Shelbyville, TN

Jessie Pyland (Youth)
Munford, TN
Hana Murphy
Munford FFA
Munford, TN
(901) 837-5720
Amanda Roberts
Wild Hair Fiber
Crossville, TN

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Courtney Cables
Poultney, VT

Cindy Watrous
Orwell, VT

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Ashley Giles (Youth)
Sporting Fields
Toms Brook, VA
(540) 436-9892
Grahame Ruddock
Low Land Farm
Greenville, VA
(540) 377-2784
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
Attn:  Marcus Buchanan
Staunton, VA
Lynne Updegrove
Davlin Farm
Lincoln, VA
Booker T. Washington Natl. Monument
Attn:  Timothy Sims
Hardy, VA
(540) 721-2094

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Christine Arceo (Youth)
Salkum, WA

JoAnn Seibek
Battle Ground, WA
Chris Haymond (Youth)
Muddy Meadows
Duvall, WA
Annie Wilson
Camano Island, WA

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West Virginia

Mary Sue Roberts
Shady Spring Farm
Phone: 304-497-3042

Nathan & Eva Griffith
Trout, WV
Phone: (304) 645-7434
(All ACRA Cotswold sheep:  No other sheep breeds kept on the farm.)

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Laurie Boltz
Frene Creek Farm
Janesville, WI

Mark Kenworthy
Tomah, WI
Phone:  (608) 372-7340
(Real ACRA Cotswolds; no look-alike breeds)
John & Corrine Faikel
Greenfield Farm
Green Bay, WI

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